1806 – Wars by land and sea ( French Navy 1806 ) stimulated the necessity to invent methods to preserve food and drinks by canning to sustain soldiers fighting ability over longer geographical distance.

1873 vacuum sealed cans were invented .

1879 by Remsen and Fahlberg. E250 Sodium nitrite is one of many preservatives used to extend shelf life of food and drinks.

After WWII Consumerism and globalization of trading stimulated the increase of Chemicalism through mass market factory production, distributing to Food Shops later Supermarkets.

1962 The European Union started defining food additives with “E Numbers” which has been adopted by many countries
to regulate processed food production and information stated on product packaging.

For example
E number E621 defines Monosodium glutamate created in 1908 by Japanese Chemist.

Professor Ikeda Kikunae. E954 Saccharin the first artificial sweetener synthesized.

1989 The World Health Organisation & United Nations defined “I N S” International Numbering System 

The increased success of global Marketing through media, branding, attractively enticing, conveniently packaged processed food and drinks brought about rapid growth of Chemicalism.

The many benefits of chemaholic food and drinks have combined to create an explosion of worldwide demand including;

  • Lower cost of production

  • Easy distribution

  • Consumer convenience

  • Reduced preparation time

  • Longer shelf life preservation.

  • Providing emergency food to large groups of people when there is a natural disaster