Symptoms of Chemaholics vary these are common ones 

  1. Frequent strong cravings for processed foods and drinks with artificial chemicals.

  2. Bloated full stomach during or after having quickly finished a meal or snack.

  3. Repeated attempts to quit some chemaholic foods or set rules to regulate consumption which have always been unsuccessful.

  4. Feelings of guilt after eating chemaholic foods then eating the same foods again soon afterwards.

  5. Justification by any reason to eat chemaholic foods that are being craved, when known tasty natural food is available.

  6. Strong cravings for eating more than originally intended to the point of feeling unwell. Especially after resisting eating chemaholic food for extended periods, when known tasty natural food is available.

  7. Justification of choices of food based on low price not high nutrition.

  8. Purchase of food based on consumer marketing packaging, advertising or presentation without checking nutritional content.

  9. Concealment of consumption or storage of chemaholic foods from others.

  10. Inability to control consumption of chemaholic foods, knowing they are causing personal physical harm.

  11. A craving for chemaholic foods at times of emotional stress, when a tasty natural food alternative is available.

  12. Warnings by a doctor or qualified medical professional that chemaholic eating habits have led to obesity or illness.

There are many other chemaholic medical conditions closely associated with obesity