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Published July 30th  2016

“Chemicalism I am a Chemaholic”  by  Simon Kadwill-Kelly

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This book describes the  approach of losing weight and improving medical health results as shown in testimonial medical records by swapping to an 80% natural high nutrition lifestyle.

The gradual swap to high natural nutrition is a strong theme throughout the book. The remaining 20% nutrition is made up from lower nutritional  foods typically with artificial chemicals, avoiding any big sense of deprivation or guilt feelings whilst carry on a new normal easy going lifestyle. 

Each of the 12 steps follows a very logical down to earth recovery plan. Technical jargon; references to products; companies, religions or government policy are avoided. It is an easy going read backed up with medical records.

It is not a cook book. Readers who choose this book are probably looking for a new way to overcome obesity related illnesses or just want to save money on their grocery bill.

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