Europe chemical numbering

The   “E”  (European)   number  is the easy identifier of an artificial chemical in a food or drink product marked on the packaging.  

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The Uk The food standards agency deal with any changes or issue around E numbering 


Telephone   020 7276 8570.

Worldwide chemical numbering

The   I N S   =   International Numbering System for Food Additives is defined by;

  • The World Health Organisation

  • The United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation 

Outside of Europe with  186 member countries there is  The Codex Alimentarius  ( “Food Code” ) combining;

  • Internationally recognized standards

  • Codes of practice

  • Guidelines

  • Recommendations about food production

  • Recommendations about food safety

Toxicity UK 

Toxicity in food is monitored in The Uk government by 

The Committee on Toxicity

COT Secretariat
Food Standards Agency
Aviation House
125 Kingsway
London WC2B 6NH


Telephone          020 7276 8522

Toxicity professionals have their own body in The UK  

British Toxicology Society
c/o EBS
City Wharf
Davidson Road
WS14 9DZ


Telephone   01543 442158